Taj saltaneh

Tadj es-Saltaneh, Dohter þes Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar

Zahra Khanoum Tadj es-saltaneh (1883-25 Hartmonþ1936) was Persisce qajar Fengelin, Dohter þes Nasser al-Din Shah fram seinem Weif turan es-Saltaneh. Scie was ane þer Wardenden þer Iraniscen Ferfassunglicen Umwendung and Midglide þes Anjoman Horriyyat Nsevan (Gemænscipe Freedomes for Frowen).

Here Gemunigunge wurden gemelded under þem Namen Crowning Anguish in 1996.

Scie warþ gebyrged in Zahir od-Dowleh Byrgenstow in Tajrish.

Utenwarde BendeEdit

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