Above the Clouds

Stratocumulus perlucidus Wolken, geseeen of Lyftwagneagþyrl

An Wolken is ane gesiene Klyne Droplen, on oðren Worden, lytle Drope Wæters oþþe gefrosene Kristalle gehangede in þem Lyfthelm ofer þem Oferblikk þer Erðe oþþe anes oðren planetæriscen Bodiges. An Wolken is eak ane gesiene Klyne getogen fram Gravitation, swilce Klynen Antimbers in Allruum namens intersterrnlice Wolken and Genippe. Wolken sind in þem Wolkenkraft oþþe þer Wolkenphysik Boh þer Meteorologie.

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