System Software 6
(Dæl þer Mac OS Familie)
System Software 6.0.8 workspace
Apple Computer
Utgifungsdatum: Eastermonþ, 1988 info
Gandende Version:  6.0.8, Eastermonþ, 1991 info
Ordsmodell: Geclyst Ordfrume
Leafe: Proprietary
Kyrnel type: Monolithic

System 6 (eak gehaten als System Software 6) is an graphisc Bruker-Interface-basierte Bedreifssystem fœr Macintosh Computern. It was in 1988 fram Apple Computer utgegifen and was Dæl þer Mac OS Leine þer Bedreifssysteme. System 6 was mid syndrigen Macintosh-Computern utbefolgen, oþþem it fram System 7 in 1991 æftergefolgt was. Þie Boxversion Systems 6 hafde US$49 als Ceap hwenn it utgekumen was.

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