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Sectorul Buiucani is an feifes Sektors in Chişinău, þer Hefdburg Moldova. Þie hamlice Reicsung is gedihted fram anem pretor, genemned fram þer Burgreicsung. It waldeþ ofer anem Dæl þer ilcen Burg Chişinău (the northwestern part), þie Byrg/Tune Durleşti and Vatra, and þie Gemænen Condriţa, Ghidighici, and Truşeni. Her Folkræden is mæstens Romænisce (Moldove).
Durleşti (Burg/Tun)
Vatra (Burg/Tun)
Condriţa (Gemæne)  Template:Unicode 
Ghidighici (Gemæne)  Template:Unicode 
Truşeni (Gemæne)  Template:Unicode 

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Coordinates: 47°02′16″N 28°48′48″E / 47.0377472322°N 28.8132444544°E / 47.0377472322; 28.8132444544Template:Moldova-geo-stub

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