Japan ( /dʒəˈpæn/; Japanese: 日本 Nihon oþþe Nippon, ambihte 日本国 ) is an ieȝlendisce Nation in eastem Asia. Gefunden in þem Pazifiscen Garsecg, liȝþ þat Land be Japanes Sæ eastem, be eastem China, Norþ Korea, Suþ Korea, and Russia, stræcceþ etching of Okhotisce Sæ in norðen oþ Eastem China Sæ, and Taiwan in Suðem. Þie Takne, þe Japans Namen makeþ, mæneþ "Sunne-Ofkyme", forþem man hweilen Japan nennþ als þat "Land þer reisenden Sunne".

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